Fashion: Denim Overload

Dress/Vest (Brandy Melville); White Crop Top (Garage Clothing); Roller Jeans (Garage Clothing); Tattoo Chocker (Brandy Melville); Boots (Steve Madden)

I found this denim dress for $10 at Brandy Melville, for one I freaked because something at Brandy was actually $10 (note: I love Brandy Melville’s clothes, I shop there all the time) and I also fell in love with it because I never really saw anything like it at other stores I was shopping at that day. It had that 90’s look to it and with 90’s on the mind all I could think is denim on denim upon denim. I took the 90’s idea and polished it up with a little bit of 2015. Head Below for more details on this outfit. Continue reading “Fashion: Denim Overload”