Cosplay: Pinup Captain America Walkthrough

Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Taken by Grace and Shine Photography

For this 4th of July instead of doing a fashion look I decided to do a walkthrough on my Pinup Captain America. Last time I wore this was before I chopped off my hair and recently for Lights Camera Cosplay event put together by ScreamLinda from OhSith.

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For a full list of items I used for this cosplay be sure to check out my Amazon Idea List or just read blow!

This cosplay was all altered from already existing pieces I got off Amazon and thrifting, which it easy for anyone who is still learning to sew or doesn’t feel comfortable making an entire cosplay just yet.

If you have followed my blog, every 4th of July I do pinup/50s-60s hairstyles, which was a major inspiration for this cosplay. I wish I could dress pinup and rockabilly every day! Other’s have done a pinup gender bend version of Captain America in the past and I also drew inspiration from them.

I started off with a tube top I found at a local clothing store, but you can find one on Amazon ($9.25). For the star, I used some white faux leather I had lying around, but you can get some at Joann’s or any local fabric store. I then glued the star to my tube top using the Beacon’s Magna Tac-809, which is my favorite glue for fabric and felt ($11.18).

The corset I purchased off of Amazon and I sewed on the white stripes using some satin fabric from my local fabric store ($10.99). The shorts I had thrifted, but can be found in Forever 21, Amazon, or anywhere that sells women’s fashion. The boots were thrifted and I spray painted them red, but I found these similar ones on Amazon.

Hair and Makeup:

For the hair I did hot rollers and then did a victory roll and rolled the sides.

For the makeup I did a color that was close to my skin color from the Huda Beauty Warm Obsessions Palette ($27). I added ‘Summer’ from Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit in my inner corner, cheek bones, nose, and cupid’s bow ($40). I wanted to continue with the pinup look with a black wing and bold red lip. To top off the look I added false lashes.

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Photos taken by Grace and Shine photography, MissionFortySix, Shawn M Rogers, and Borix Quezada.

Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Photo taken by Shawn M Rogers
Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Photo taken by MissionFortySix
Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
(I anyone knows who took this picture please let me know) X-23 is BlackKrystel
Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Photo taken by Borix Quezada
Gender bend Pinup Captain America Cosplay
Taken by Grace and Shine Photography