Cosplay: Stocking Anarchy Cosplay Walkthrough (Sword and Honekoneko build included)

Photo by Punto de Aries
Second up for this Halloween celebration is Stocking Anarchy from the anime Panty and Stocking. Panty is my cosplay partner in crime, BlackKrystel.


This cosplay I almost entirely made by myself.

The top I found at vintage shop in Manhattan. But the make is pretty simple here’s a link to how to make princess sleeves. I decorated the end of the sleeves with white fabrics and white lace. I decorated the collar of the shirt with white lace.

Under it I wore a regular white button down and tied a blue satin ribbon around the collar to make a bow.

For the skirt I used one of my skater skirts as a stencil. I used a thicker fabric than the normal cotton fabric I usually use to match the thickness of the shirt.

For the stockings I bought them from Amazon ($9.95). The wig I also bought on Amazon ($18.88).IMG_3507.JPG


I used Sugar Pill Pressed Eyeshadow ($13) in ‘Poison Plum’ on my eye brows. On my eyes I used ‘Poison Plum’ and different shades of purples from the BH Cosmetics 120 Pallette 1st Edition ($16). On my inner corner I used ‘Dust’ from the Naked 3 Palette ($54).

I used the Kat Von D Tattoo Line in ‘Trooper’ ($20) and for mascara Benefit Roller Lash Mascara ($24). I topped it off with Ardelle Demi Wispies fake lashes.

My lipstick is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream ($6) in ‘Istanbul.’

Honekoneko Walkthrough:

fotorcreatdI made Stocking’s cat, Honekoneko, from scratch. I used cotton fabric for the body and felt for eyes and circles on the body.

jkn.jpgI started off my drawing a stencil and using different reference photos to get a good idea how the cat looked all around.

I cut all the pieces using my stencil. I started to attach the decorations, i.e. the eyes and the design on the front and back. I sewed the black design and the non-circular eye. The circle black eye, the two black circles, and the inner triangles of the ears I glued using Beacon’s Magna-Tac 809, which is my favorite fabric adhesive.

After doing the details I attached everything (note when attaching the ears, tail, legs, and arms make sure they are in-between the front and back piece right side out, so when the bigger pieces are turned right side out they are on the right side.)

Sword Walkthrough


I used insulation foam to make the sword, which I got from Home Depot but it can be purchased at any home improvement/hardware stores. (Example) I drew the shape of each piece of the sword; the blade, the handle, and the guard. I cut the shapes out and carved the the rounded edges with a sharp knife. To make it smooth I used fine and coarse sand paper.

I covered the sword with gesso to prime it and then painted the design using acrylic paint. 

More cosplay photos:

Photo by Punto De Aries

Photo by Boris C. Quezada

Photo by Boris C. Quezada
Let me know if you want a video tutorial for the makeup, sword and cat build.

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